1. What payment methods do you currently accept? 

     We currently accept payment via Paypal and Credit card.  

2. Are there any additional fees other than shipping cost?

  We ship our dresses from Canada.  Orders shipped internationally can be subject to additional taxes and customs charges at the time of delivery. Purchaser will be responsible to check and pay for these costs if it applies.  Please check with your local customs office for further information.

3. Where do you ship to?    

   We ship worldwide. There may be particular locations that we might require additional information to ship to. We do not ship to PO box at this time. 

4. What kind of warranty or guarantee do you offer on your products?   

    At Peony Emporium, we take pride in our garment quality.  We conduct detail quality check ourselves at the manufacturer and before shipping each dress to our customers, our staff will double check the item before it gets ship out.  You'll have 14 days to exchange any dresses that were purchased at regular price. 

5. What is your Return Policy?

    All dresses are made to order. Purchaser will have to contact our customer service department to start the return process.  We’ll gladly exchange (in original tender) regular-priced, new merchandise within 14 days from the shipping date. 

All rush or custom order are final sale. No refund or exchange. 

All clearance items are final sale in as is condition.  No refund or exchange.

All original tags must be attached and accompanied by a a valid receipt.  

Please visit our return policy page for details. 

6. How much will the shipping cost? 

    We ship worldwide. We offer free shipping within Canada and flat rate shipping in US.  The shipping fee varies from country to country. It also depends on the weight of the items you order. You may place a test order to check the shipping fee.

7. How long is the delivery time?

    Currently it takes 8-10 weeks to make other dresses from the day you place an order, plus 1-2 weeks for shipping time for Canada and US.  The sooner you place an order, the sooner we start preparing your dress. Feel free to contact us if you have any questions

8. How does Peony Emporium offer dresses 30%-60% off retail price?

     At Peony Emporium, we design and manufacture our dresses. You are getting the dresses directly for the source.  Since we manufacture our own dresses, you are bypassing all the middle man and putting more money into your pocket when you shop with us.  We also stock most of our inventories oversea so we do not have to incur extra warehouse expense, and we pass these savings to our customers.  The gowns we sell are of the same high quality as the designers sold in traditional boutiques and by other online retailers. Get retail quality without the retail price tag.  

9. How do your dresses fit?

  You'll need to get your latest measurements and check our size chart to choose the right size.  You may also refer to our measuring guide to see how to get professional measuring. If you have concerns about the size, we highly suggest you talk to one of our dress consultant vis Contact Us or Live chat.    

10. Do you have actual retail stores, where I can try the dresses on? 

  As online shoppers ourselves, we understand that some of you may be hesitant about your first purchase with us.  So we've collaborate with a few bridal shop throughout Canada.  Please Check our Store Locator to see if there's a retail store in your area.  

If you're interested in carrying our dresses at your bridal store, please contact our wholesale department. 

Or you can order our latest "Try Before U Buy" service.  For $20, you can pick 2 dresses to try on.  Click here for more detail. 

11. Can I use my gift cards or online promo code at the stores that carry your dresses?

  Unfortunately,  all gift cards/credits or promotions display on PeonyEmporium.com website do not apply with store purchases.  As we operate separately from the stores that carry our dresses.  

 12. Do you do custom made dresses? How long and how much will it cost? 

  We've been getting a lot of request for custom made dresses, so we've decided to launch our custom made dresses service starting February 1st, 2018.   It will take about 3 months from start to finish and the price range starts from $1500 and up.  Contact us for a free quote.  

13. How come there are so many different styles of photos on your website? 

  As online shoppers ourselves, we know how important it is to depict our dresses in the most realistic ways, so what you see is what you get.  Just simply beautiful dresses :) 

 We also include editorial and catalogue setting photos so our buyers can inspirations.

But these are 100% pictures of our actual dresses.  We take pride is designing and manufacturing our own high quality dresses!   

Happy Shopping!

Fitting Boxes

What if I don't get a Fitting Box with the dresses I was thinking of getting?
We understand how stressful the dress search and sizing process can be. However, since our dresses are custom made for you when you put in your order, this means our sample boxes are sent with dresses we currently have on hand. This is to ensure that we can provide you with our service in a timely manner, and make it as easy for you to search for your dream dress! 
How long do I have to wait to receive the Fitting Box?
In Ontario, about 5 business days. This includes processing time, stylists' dress selection and shipping. Outside of Ontario, but within Canada, we cannot guarantee this timeframe due to courier's delivery schedules. Please allow up to two weeks for your sample box to arrive. You will receive a tracking number and shipment confirmation once your sample box has been sent out, so don't worry!
I am ordering from outside Canada, am I eligible for this service?
 Unfortunately, we don't offer this service outside of Canada right now! If you're interested in staying up to date with this service and our new dresses, please subscribe to our mailing list!
I absolutely LOVE the dress(es) in my fitting  box! Can I keep it?
Yes, of course, you can! We will charge your credit card automatically, based on the dress(es) you kept, and we will send you an invoice of the transaction. 
What if both of the dress sizes I chose are too big/small on me?
We're sorry to hear that happened! We always encourage our customers to double check their size and order follow our size chart to ensure both dresses are more or less your size. If you are considering losing weight for your special day, you may want to order sample boxes with sizes within your dress size goal, and your current dress size so you have an idea of what you're aiming for and where you need to go with your weight loss goal.
Can I choose more than two dress sizes?
Yes, you can! This is the best way to get your bridesmaids sized for your big day. As previously mentioned, each fitting box is $20 and will include 2 dress sizes. Feel free to order as many sizes as you'd like! We will provide a list of which dresses are contained in each box, so please avoid mixing them up to prevent additional charges! 
What if I return the boxes after 4 business days?
Please avoid doing this as additional charges will automatically be applied to your card for delayed returns. This is to ensure we receive our dresses in a timely manner so that we have time to clean, process and reship them to customers who wish to try them on since we only have a limited number of sample dresses to send out. Peony Emporium is not responsible for additional courier charges resulting from late deliveries.
I damaged the dress(es) while trying them on! What do I do? 
If you've damaged the dresses in your fitting box, please contact us as soon as possible and a customer service representative will get back to you shortly.